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Escorial by Standeven

Escorial, a truly remarkable and exquisite wool, traces its origins to a unique breed of sheep hailing from the illustrious Spanish Royal Flocks of El Escorial. Today, these sheep are a rare find, primarily thriving in limited numbers within Australia and New Zealand.

The extraordinary quality of this wool has garnered such prestige and rarity. So, we take great pride in being the exclusive manufacturers to have joined hands with The Escorial Company. Our collaboration allows us to harness the full potential of this premium fibre to create woven fabrics that proudly bear the Escorial name.

We are devoted to preserving and showcasing the exceptional qualities of Escorial wool in every textile we produce. Our partnership means that we work closely together in the design and development of fabrics that ultimately grace each of our product lines.

The wools fibre behaves like a natural coiled spring, which, when stretched, yearns to return to its original, beautifully curled state. This innate quality is the secret behind the lightweight and resilient nature of garments crafted from this luxury wool, combined with an indulgently soft handle that caresses the skin.

Escorial fabrics, characterised by their suppleness and fluidity, ensure that the garments made from them hold their shape admirably. They offer exceptional comfort to the wearer, making them a delight to wear in any and every occasion. Furthermore, the durability and high performance associated with Escorial textiles offers sense of integrity and distinction.

From the very beginning of the manufacturing process, starting with the selection of naturally grown fibres, to the intricacies of spinning, design, and weaving, the fibre requires great attention to detail. It is important to us that our customers receive a final product that is not only of the highest quality but a true reflection of Escorial potential.

Our most recent addition to our collection is “Toledo.” This extraordinary range comprises 58 stunning designs, all crafted from 100% Escorial wool fabrics. “Toledo” brings forth the most exclusive suiting patterns, crafted from the world’s rarest and most cherished fibres. Wearing a garment made from our ‘Toledo’ cloth is not just a pleasure; it’s an affirmation of your appreciation for the quality and luxury that is Escorial.

Escorial bunch Toledo

In addition to Toledo, we have 3 more Escorial collections, including




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