A vibrant collection of patterns crafted from some of the worlds finest mohair and merino wool. A refined pallet of colours chosen for their unique shades of colour achieved through the intricate in house dying process complimented by the beautiful texture the natural fibre offers.

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16049 Teal Blue Plain

16048 Petrol Blue Plain

16047 Petrol Green Plain

16046 Moss Green Plain

16045 Sage Green Plain

16044 Emerald Green Plain

16043 Pale Green Plain

16042 Aquamarine Green Plain

16041 Bright Blue Plain

16040 Royal Blue Plain

16039 Grape Purple Plain

16038 Aubergine Purple Plain

16037 Lilac Purple Plain

16036 Lavender Purple Plain

16035 Claret Red Plain

16034 Burgundy Red Plain

16033 Chilli Red Plain

16032 Crimson Red Plain

16031 Fuchsia Pink Plain

16030 Bright Pink Plain

16028 Golden Orange Plain

16024 Beige Brown Plain

16023 Flax Yellow Plain

16022 Sand Yellow Plain

16021 Mushroom Brown Plain

16020 Khaki Brown Plain

16019 Fawn Brown Plain

16018 Medium Brown Plain

16017 Chocolate Brown Plain

16016 Dark Chocolate Brown Plain

16015 Light Grey Plain

16014 Silver Grey Plain

16013 Medium Grey Plain

16012 Slate Grey Plain

16011 Dark Grey Plain

16010 Light Blue Grey Plain

16009 Pale Blue Plain

16008 Cornflower Blue Plain

16007 Airforce Blue Plain

16006 Cobalt Blue Plain

16005 Denim Blue Plain

16004 Dark Blue Plain

16003 Ultramarine Blue Plain

16002 Navy Blue Plain

16001 Dark Navy Blue Plain

16000 Black Plain

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