Glenesk offers some truly unique patterns in wool cashmere blends alongside cotton, wool and cashmere twist. Both fabrics offer great depth and colour, with a robust selection to choose from. Our in-house design team were inspired by our 200 year old archives, created with both maker and wearer in mind. The crisp handle allows for a softer sew and the wearer can enjoy a garment which has natural drape along with durability.

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19084 Light Brown/Dark Brown Plain

19083 Light Grey/Medium Grey Plain

19082 Medium Grey/Black Plain

19081 Light Blue/Black Plain

19080 Light Blue/Dark Blue Plain

19079 Navy Blue Barley Corn

19078 Charcoal Grey Barley Corn

19077 Medium Grey Barley Corn

19076 Moss Green Herringbone

19075 Dark Brown Herringbone

19074 Brown and Cream Herringbone

19073 Light Brown Herringbone

19072 Medium Brown Herringbone

19071 Black Herringbone

19070 Navy Blue Herringbone

19069 Medium Blue Herringbone

19068 Black and Charcoal Grey Herringbone

19067 Black and Grey Herringbone

19066 Navy Blue Glen Check

19065 Charcoal Grey Glen Check

19064 Dark Brown Glen with Guarded Blue Check

19063 Olive Brown Glen with Guarded Blue Check

19062 Sage Green Herringbone with Pink/Tan Windowpane Check

19061 Tan Brown Herringbone with Blue/Orange Windowpane

19060 Olive Brown Herringbone with Orange/Red Windowpane Check

19059 Tan Brown Gunclub Check with Red/Blue Windowpane Check

19058 Fawn Brown and Orange/Blue Shepherd Check

19057 Fawn Brown Glen with Guarded Tan/Blue Check

19056 Green and Burgundy Shepherd Check

19055 Dark Green Herringbone with Red/Blue Windowpane Check

19054 Medium Brown Herringbone with Blue/Tan Windowpane Check

19053 Dark Brown Melange with Tan Windowpane Check

19052 Brown Melange with Black and Brown Windowpane Check

19051 Medium Brown Barley Corn Herringbone with Blue/Grey Windowpane Check

19050 Medium Blue Barley Corn Herringbone with Tan/Red Windowpane Check

19049 Light Grey Barley Corn Herringbone with Grey/Blue Windowpane Check

19048 Charcoal Grey Melange with Black and Blue Windowpane Check

19047 Dark Grey Herringbone with Red/Tan Windowpane Check

19046 Charcoal Grey Glen with Guarded Purple Check

19045 Blue and Black Glen with Guarded Red Check

19044 Navy Blue Tartan Check

19043 Navy Blue Melange with Red Windowpane Check

19042 Blue and Brown Shepherd Check

19041 Dark Blue Melange with Black and Brown Windowpane Check

19040 Blue and Black Houndstooth

19039 Black and White Houndstooth

19038 Brown and Tan Houndstooth

19037 Light Brown Herringbone with Light Grey Windowpane Check

19036 Light Grey Herringbone with Tan Windowpane Check

19035 Dark Blue Melange Herringbone with Light Blue Windowpane Check

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