Inspired by the contrasting elements of Yorkshire, the Stonedale collection embraces the colours from the industrial skylines to the green landscapes of the Yorkshire dales. Manufactured in a 100% woollen flannel with a strong feel for vintage flair and retro inspiration.

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33020 Dark brown plain

33019 Autumn green plain

33018 Bright navy plain

33017 Navy plain

33016 Dark Navy plain

33015 Charcoal plain

33014 Mid grey plain

33013 Light grey plain

33012 Silver grey plain

33011 Autumn green chalk stripe

33010 Mid brown chalk stripe

33009 Light brown chalk stripe

33008 Dark brown chalk stripe

33007 Midnight navy chalk stripe

33006 dark navy chalk stripe

33005 mid navy chalk stripe

33004 Mid grey chalk stripe

33003 Light Grey chalk stripe

33002 Brown & beige glencheck

33001 Black & dark blue glencheck

33000 Black & white glencheck

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