Using a super 120’s 2-fold yarn we can offer a strong yet softly finished medium weight cloth in a selection of quintessentially British patterns, the epitome of understated luxury.

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3091 Dark Brown Plain Twill

3090 Royal Blue Micro Nailhead

3089 Royal Blue Herringbone

3088 Light Brown Herringbone

3087 Dark Brown Herringbone

3086 Royal Blue Birdseye

3085 Navy Blue with Stripe

3084 Charcoal Grey with Stripe

3083 Dark Grey with Stripe

3082 Navy Blue Micro Stripe

3081 Mediun Grey Micro Stripe

3080 Dark Blue with Purple Stripe

3079 Charcoal Grey with Tan Stripe

3078 Medium Grey with Light Blue Stripe

3077 Navy Blue Shadow Stripe

3076 Dark Blue Shadow Stripe

3075 Charcoal Grey Shadow Stripe

3074 Dark Blue Sharkskin with Black Windowpane Check

3073 Medium Grey Sharkskin with Black Windowpane Check

3072 Dark Blue Split Hopsack Check

3071 Charcoal Grey Split Hopsack Check

3070 Medium Grey Split Hopsack Check

3069 Navy Blue Glen Check with Tan Overcheck

3068 Dark Grey Glen Check with Mauve Overcheck

3067 Black and White Glen Check with Blue Overcheck

3066 Light Brown Sharkskin

3065 Aubergine Blue Sharkskin

3064 Violet Blue Sharkskin

3063 Royal Blue Sharkskin

3062 Airforce Blue Sharkskin

3061 Navy Blue and Bottle Green Blackwatch Tartan

3060 Navy Blue and Wine Blackwatch Tartan

3052 Navy Blue Satin Stripe

3051 Black Satin Stripe

3050 Navy Blue Fancy Shadow Stripe

3049 Black Fancy Shadow Stripe

3048 Navy Blue Fancy Herringbone

3047 Black Fancy Herringbone

3037 Navy Blue Sharkskin with Blue Windowpane Check

3036 Dark Grey Sharkskin with Blue Windowpane Check

3027 Navy Blue Plain Hopsack

3026 Navy Blue Herringbone

3025 Charcoal Grey Herringbone

3024 Dark Grey Herringbone

3023 Light Grey Herringbone

3022 Navy Blue Micro Nailhead

3021 Dark Grey Micro Nailhead

3020 Black and White Micro Nailhead

3019 Dark Blue Birdseye

3018 Dark Grey Birdseye

3017 Medium Grey Birdseye

3016 Black and White Birdseye

3015 Navy Blue Prince of Wales Check with Blue Overcheck

3014 Medium Grey Prince of Wales Check with Blue Overcheck

3013 Black and White Prince of Wales Check with Red Overcheck

3012 Black and White Prince of Wales Check with Blue Overcheck

3011 Black and White Puppytooth

3010 Dark Brown Sharkskin

3009 Navy Blue Sharkskin

3008 Charcoal Grey Sharkskin

3007 Medium Grey Sharkskin

3006 Light Grey Sharkskin

3005 Navy Blue Plain Twill

3004 Dark Navy Blue Plain Twill

3003 Black Plain Twill

3002 Charcoal Grey Plain Twill

3001 Medium Grey Plain Twill

3000 Light Grey Plain Twill

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