Light in weight selection of fine merino wool and mohair. Woven at our mill in Bradford with the traveller in mind this particular bunch has been refined to make it even easier to tailor and a real pleasure to wear. Crisp to make up with a soft handle. Festival has been developed specifically for a lighter weight feel with a robust construction to help with durability, breathability and creasing. In addition to these features our skilled craftsmen have woven these patterns incorporating moisture wicking properties making it ideal as a four-season choice. The finishing process uses Yorkshire water, which has a unique high mineral content playing a significant part in the quality of the finished cloth.

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8044 Dark Blue Plain Mesh Jacketing

8043 Indigo Plain Mesh Jacketing

8042 Blue Plain Merino

8041 Teal Plain Merino

8040 Cornflower Plain Merino

8039 Light Brown Plain Merino

8038 Chestnut Plain Merino

8037 Camel Plain Merino

8036 Warm brown Plain Marino

8035 Cool Brown Plain Marino

8034 Dark Brown Plain Merino

8034 Dark Brown Plain Merino

8033 Brown Plain Merino

8028 Light Grey Plain Mesh Jacketing

8024 Dark Navy Blue Plain Mesh Jacketing

8023 Navy Blue Plain Mesh Jacketing

8021 Light Blue Plain Mesh Jacketing

8015 Medium Brown Plain Marino

8014 Beige Plain Merino

8013 Fawn Brown Plain

8012 Dark Khaki Green Plain

8009 Light Blue Plain

8008 Royal Blue Plain Merino

8007 Navy Blue Plain

8006 Dark Navy Plain Merino

8006 Dark Navy Blue Plain

8004 Black Plain

8003 Charcoal Grey Plain

8002 Dark Grey Plain

8001 Medium Grey Plain Merino

8000 Light Grey Plain

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