Woven in extremely fine super 200’s merino wool, specially sourced from Australian merino sheep and 100% cashmere from the Mongolian goat. An exclusive and charismatic selection of some of the most rare and finest fibres in the world. The absolute pinnacle of luxury fabric.

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7141 Black Plain

7140 Midnight Blue Plain

7139 Dark Navy Blue Plain

7138 Navy Blue Plain

7137 Charcoal Grey Plain

7136 Dark Grey Plain

7135 Black Plain

7134 Midnight Blue Plain

7133 Dark Navy Blue Plain

7132 Navy Blue Plain

7131 Charcoal Grey Plain

7130 Medium Grey Plain

7129 Navy Blue Narrow Chalk Stripe

7128 Midnight Blue Narrow Chalk Stripe

7127 Charcoal Grey Narrow Chalk Stripe

7126 Navy Blue Chalk Stripe

7125 Midnight Blue Chalk Stripe

7124 Black Wide Chalk Stripe

7123 Charcoal Grey Wide Chalk Stripe

7122 Black Plain

7121 Midnight Blue Plain

7120 Black Micro Weave

7119 Midnight Blue Micro Weave

7118 Navy Blue Sharkskin

7117 Charcoal Grey Sharkskin

7116 Navy Blue Birdseye

7115 Charcoal Grey Birdseye

7114 Black and White Birdseye

7113 Navy Blue Narrow Herringbone

7112 Midnight Blue Narrow Herringbone

7111 Charcoal Grey Narrow Herringbone

7110 Medium Grey Narrow Herringbone

7109 Navy Blue Fancy Check

7108 Charcoal Grey Fancy Check

7107 Royal Blue Glen with Guarded Tan Check

7106 Charcoal Grey Glen with Guarded Tan Check

7105 Royal Blue and Tan Fancy Check

7104 Navy Blue and Light Blue Fancy Check

7103 Charcoal Grey and Light Blue Fancy Check

7102 Royal Blue Glen with Red Windowpane Check

7101 Navy Blue Glen with Red Windowpane Check

7100 Charcoal Grey Glen with Blue Windowpane Check

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