A familiar friend, presenting a refined go to selection of worsted and mohair patterns, woven exclusively for formal and evening wear. Crafted using the finest merino wool & mohair sourced directly from select farms based both in Australia and South Africa. Varying weights & composition cover the four seasons.

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1053 Midnight Plain Weave

1052 Navy/black satin back

1051 Navy Blue Plain Twill Cashmere

1047 Black Plain Wool/Mohair

1046 Navy Blue Plain Wool/Mohair 3 Ply

1045 Black Plain Wool/Mohair 3 Ply

1044 Black Plain Wool/Mohair Barathea

1043 Black Plain Mohair/Wool Barathea

1041 Black Plain Mohair/Wool

1040 Navy Blue Plain Mohair/Wool

1039 Black Plain Mohair/Wool

1038 Navy Blue Plain Mohair

1036 Navy Blue Plain Weave

1035 Black Plain Weave

1034 Navy Blue Plain High Twist

1033 Black Plain High Twist

1032 Navy Blue Plain Hopsack

1031 Black Plain Hopsack

1030 Navy Blue Herringbone

1029 Black Herringbone

1028 Charcoal/White bold stripe

1026 Black and White Puppytooth

1025 Black and White Twill

1024 Navy Blue Plain Twill

1023 Black Plain Twill

1022 Navy Blue Fancy Shadow Stripe

1021 Black Fancy Shadow Stripe

1020 Navy Blue Fine Herringbone

1019 Black Fine Herringbone

1018 Navy Blue Shadow Stripe

1017 Black Shadow Stripe

1016 Black Plain Barathea

1015 Black Plain Satin

1010 Black Plain Tuxedo Barathea

1009 Navy Blue Plain Escorial Barathea

1008 Black Plain Escorial Barathea

1007 Black Plain Doeskin

1006 Navy Blue Wool Silk Hairline

1005 Black Wool Silk Hairline

1004 Navy Blue Micro Weave

1003 Black Micro Weave

1002 Black Plain Doeskin

1001 Navy Blue Plain Twill Cashmere

1000 Black Plain Twill Cashmere

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