We invite you to select from the British Mohair bunch to benefit from the special characteristics of the mohair fibre. A cool and dry feel, natural crease resilience with added durability. Comfort and lightness, easy to wear with the ability to transfer heat away from the body. Elegant appearance, wrinkle resistance and lustrous colour. The ultimate fabric that makes an easy transition from business to smart casual.

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5030 Black Plain Barathea

5026 Black Plain Mesh Jacketing

5025 Dark Navy Blue Plain Mesh Jacketing

5024 Navy Blue Plain Mesh Jacketing

5020 Dark Navy Blue Plain

5019 Royal Blue Plain

5018 Light Grey Plain

5016 Dark Beige Brown Plain

5015 Chocolate Brown Plain

5014 Dark Brown Plain

5010 Navy Blue Plain

5009 Dark Airforce Blue Plain

5008 Airforce Blue Plain

5007 Midnight Blue Plain

5006 Dark Navy Blue Plain

5005 Navy Blue Plain

5004 Black Plain

5003 Dark Charcoal Grey Plain

5002 Charcoal Grey Plain

5001 Dark Grey Plain

5000 Light Grey Plain

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