An inspiring selection of our most exclusive suiting patterns crafted from the world’s rarest fibres. We are extremely proud to offer Escorial wool. The unique and incredibly soft springy fibres from this pedigree fleece help make up one of the most luxurious cloths in the world, a soft touch and rich matt finish with a firm handle. A joy to wear and an achievement to own.

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14063 Navy Blue Puppytooth

14062 Charcoal Grey Glen Check

14061 Navy Blue Glen Check

14051 Charcoal Grey Fancy Stripe Flannel

14050 Navy Blue Fancy Stripe Flannel

14023 Navy Blue Tattersall Check Flannel

14022 Charcoal Grey Tattersall Check Flannel

14015 Charcoal Grey Narrow Chalk Stripe Flannel

14013 Navy Blue Narrow Chalk Stripe Flannel

14012 Navy Blue Chalk Stripe Flannel

14011 Dark Grey Chalk Stripe Flannel

14007 Brown Plain Flannel

14006 Black Plain Flannel

14005 Dark Navy Blue Plain Flannel

14004 Navy Blue Plain Flannel

14003 Charcoal Grey Plain Flannel

14002 Dark Grey Plain Flannel

14001 Medium Grey Plain Flannel

14000 Light Grey Plain Flannel

12060 Navy Blue Guarded Glen Check

12049 Charcoal Grey Coloured Chalk Stripe Flannel

12048 Navy Blue Coloured Chalk Stripe Flannel

12043 Royal Blue Plain

12042 Light Grey Plain

12041 Navy Blue Hopsack Glen Check

12040 Charcoal Grey Hopsack Glen Check

12039 Navy Blue Coloured Windowpane Check

12038 Charcoal Grey Coloured Windowpane Check

12037 Navy Blue Birdseye

12036 Navy Blue Sharkskin

12035 Charcoal Grey Sharkskin

12034 Dark Grey Sharkskin

12033 Light Grey Sharkskin

12032 Navy Blue Semi Plain

12031 Charcoal Grey Semi Plain

12030 Fawn Brown Semi Plain

12029 Navy Blue Narrow Herringbone

12027 Grey Coloured Pin Stripe

12025 Black Plain Barathea

12023 Navy Blue Plain Barathea

12022 Charcoal Grey Birdseye

12021 Black and White Birdseye

12017 Dark Navy Blue Chalk Stripe

12016 Charcoal Grey Chalk Stripe

12014 Dark Grey Plain

12013 Navy Blue Plain

12010 Black and White Guarded Glen Check

12008 Medium Grey Plain

12007 Charcoal Grey Plain

12006 Black Plain

12005 Dark Navy Blue Plain

12004 Navy Blue Plain

12003 Medium Grey Narrow Herringbone

12002 Charcoal Grey Narrow Herringbone

12001 Brown Narrow Herringbone

12000 Dark Navy Blue Narrow Herringbone

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