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Welcome ‘Snowdonia’; a new Luxury Coating Collection from Standeven

Get ready for the colder months with Standeven’s new collection of luxury winter cloth

Standeven’s ‘Snowdonia’ has undergone an exciting makeover to create a beautiful set of soft and versatile cloth designed for winter coats.

‘Snowdonia’ is a comprehensive collection of 49 cloths catering to all your coating needs. The variety of weights (450-850gms) means everyone can find something to suit their requirements.

Offering a wide range of handles and textures created by using a variety of fibres and weaving methods, ‘Snowdonia’ is an interesting bunch of fabrics

This includes an unusual cloth made from camelhair. The camelhair cloth, with a soft touch and brushed appearance, is available in mid-biege and navy and is perfect to create a standout winter coat.

Tailored coat made from the beige camelhair
28020 100% camelhair 640gms
(source The Anthology Taiwan)


The collection features a range of patterns, including a strong black and white story with three designs; a houndstooth, a puppytooth and oversized check.

28007 – 28008 – 28009 100% wool 450gms


Other patterns include enlarged checks, oversized herringbones in forest green and pillarbox red and a large selection of cavalry twills in a range of autumnal shades, such as vivid blues and rich browns.


28022 100% lambswool 850gms – 28045 100% wool cavalry twill 630gms – 28000 100% wool 670gms


‘Snowdonia’ has the perfect choice if you’re looking for something a little bit different; two colour twist cloths, manufactured using an innovative method that combines two yarns of different shades to create an interesting and rich colour palette of browns, blues and greys. The bunch contains five of these cloths in checked and dogtooth designs.

Alongside the interesting patterned cloths of ‘Snowdonia’ is of course a staple selection of plains. A key range of black, grey and traditional navy, all available in a 850gms heavyweight lambswool, offer a reliable option for those wanting to create an easy-to-wear winter coat ideal for the even the coldest days.

Also on offer is two covert cloths; one is a true dark grey and the other is a green-grey. Each is woven with two colours to create a marled effect. These cloths are 100% wool and are designed to be hard-wearing, making them an excellent option for overcoating.

100% covert wool 570gms


Please feel free to contact our team on +44 1274 681 962 or email [email protected] to talk about which cloth is right for you.

All cloths are woven in the heart of textile industry at our very own mill in Bradford. Each cloth is stock supported and supplied as cut lengths.

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