posted on August 14, 2021 posted by James Blundell

Relaunching Heritage Twist

We are proud to announce that we are relaunching our Heritage Twist collection with an additional 8 colours.

The Heritage Twist collection provides a unique look created by cleverly blending coloured yarns twisted together.

This delivers depth, colour and exceptional performance fabrics. It is a striking range of flexible and individual designs which create a distinctive garment.

Our design team draw on 130 years of archives, knowledge and experience and remain true to the original heritage. If you are looking for a garment that stands out and has a unique depth of colour then our twist bunch is a must-see.

Our product is often imitated but never bettered.

These prestigious fabrics are manufactured by the finest craftsmen in England at our own factory located at Stanley Mills in West Yorkshire, a region famous around the world for its tradition and quality.

The cloth is washed and pressed using only the purest water available, straight from the Pennine Hills. These processes have remained the same for the last two hundred years.

This history ensures that all the skills of yesterday are used in the cloths of tomorrow.

Browse our Heritage Twist collection here

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