posted on April 25, 2018 posted by Lydia Ridler

Mother nature’s alchemy, 100% Camdeboo Mohair

Like a great drink, some things are best enjoyed without a mixer. We have taken the worlds finest Mohair and woven it into a worsted cloth ‘100% Camdeboo Mohair’, as an exclusive addition to our current stock supported Mohair ranges.

From a lean flock of less than 4,000, this fibre originates from the South African goat located within the picturesque Camdeboo region.

What makes this cloth extra special is the natural superior properties within the fleece, due to the goats’ special diet within its natural habitat along with the uncontaminated environment. All of which is complimented by our in-house finishing where we use mineral-rich Yorkshire water. This cloth reflects a deep finish with less of a sheen found in other Mohair ranges, it offers more of a matted glow, a crisp handle, soft touch and added durability, making it a pleasure to make and wear. The added natural elasticity of the yarn makes Camdeboo Mohair exceptionally hardwearing and also crease resistant.

Woven in short runs and available for a limited time.  Please direct all enquiries via [email protected]

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