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Bringing Colour to your Cloth Repertoire

At Standeven, we take pride in creating exquisite fabrics, crafted with the finest fibre,  and steeped in generations of expertise. Our extensive collection caters to tailors across the world, offering a spectrum of suiting’s, jacketing’s, and coating fabrics to elevate your clientele’s wardrobes. Today, we invite you to rediscover our captivating selection of lightweight suiting and jacketing cloths, woven with a luxurious blend of the finest wool and mohair. Carnival and Festival. These bunches perfectly add a touch of personality and vibrancy to your clients’ summer wardrobes, while remaining versatile enough to transcend the seasons.

A Symphony of Colour

Discover a vibrant symphony for the summer season within our “Carnival” and “Festival” bunches. These fabrics are a celebration of colour, designed to inspire boundless creativity and push the boundaries of sartorial elegance. Our refined palette features a spectrum of unique shades, from bright greens, oranges, and pinks found in “Carnival” to the timeless yet equally vibrant blues, browns, and greys of “Festival.” The rich colours are achieved through our meticulous in-house dyeing process, further complimented by the natural textural of the fibres. Interestingly, the finishing process utilises water straight from the Pennine Hills. Its unique high mineral content plays a significant role in the exceptional quality and luxury hand feel of the finished cloth.


60% Kid Mohair 40% Wool



100% Merino Wool



A Dream to Work With, A Delight to Wear

Woven at our esteemed Bradford mill with the travelling connoisseur in mind. These lightweight suiting and jacketing fabrics, pack effortlessly – ideal for those clients with a jet-setting lifestyle. Due to the cloth inheriting all the benefits of wool:

  • Natural crease resistance
  • Superior odour resistance
  • Exceptional breathability
  • Moisture-wicking properties

More importantly, due to their unique composition, they are a tailor’s dream come true. These meticulously crafted fabrics offer unparalleled ease of manipulation, allowing you to execute even the most intricate details with exceptional precision. Therefore, the finished garment will be a testament to both your masterful skill and the inherent quality of our fabric.


“These Standeven fabrics are a dream to work with. The colours are so vibrant, and the drape is simply perfect. My clients rave about the comfort and quality of the garments I create with them.”   Andrew, London Tailor.


Sustainable Luxury

We use the finest mohair sourced from Angora goats in South Africa. Mohair, often referred to as a “noble fibre,” is celebrated for its exceptional lustre, resilience, and colour retention.

As a company committed to responsible practices, we are proud to offer a selection of fabrics certified by the Responsible Wool and Mohair Standard. Please inquire for further details.


 “My clients love the unique colour options, and they always stand out from the crowd.” – J. Harrison, Yorkshire Tailor.


Exceptional Service

In addition to our wide selection, “Carnival” and “Festival” bunches are part of our readily available stock, ensuring immediate delivery. We understand the value of time, that’s why, we operate tirelessly to ensure our fabrics reach you swiftly, regardless of your location. Every parcel we dispatch, including cut length orders, samples, and bunch requests, is fully trackable for your complete peace of mind.

As a vertically integrated company, we possess a unique understanding of your business needs. Our continuous process refinement ensures you can always rely on us for exceptional product quality and efficient service.

Garments made from Carnival and Festival are destined to become conversation pieces, adorning the world’s most discerning individuals for decades to come. To explore the full potential of your next sartorial masterpiece and request a sample, please contact us at [email protected]



Please note: Names used in testimonials have been changed for illustrative purposes.
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