posted on October 18, 2018 posted by Will Field

Our New Super 120’s 2-fold Yarn Park Lane Bunch

Like all great things, time, effort and skill have been the key components that have enabled us to be able to produce and present the new super 120’s 2-fold yarn Park Lane bunch.

2-fold yarn Park Lane Bunch

Park Lane provides a strong yet softly finished cloth in a medium four seasons weight, available in a variety of quintessentially British styled patterns.

Our in-house design team have added an additional 30 patterns to the range with a total of 60, this includes some familiar classics along with some more striking additions with a little-added finesse. The cloth has a matte lustre appearance rather than a sheen lending to the natural and careful weaving process, preserving the natural waxes within the yarn. Not just for aesthetic reasons, this also increases the fibres resilience to stains, bacteria and perspiration.

2-fold yarn park lane fabrics

The yarn has been spun and woven in-house, we changed the process around slightly or rather refined it, allowing extra time, especially during the finishing process.

The cloth not only feels softer and wears better but also benefits from added durability thanks to our not so secret ingredient, high-quality yarn and soft Yorkshire water. The new Park Lane is the epitome of understated luxury.

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